(Official update from Mahavaraha Das)

Guru Maharaj was discharged on the 27th of September from BhaktiVedanata Hospital. On the same day he travelled to Dubai . He stayed a night in Dubai where he delivered a short speech and gave darshan to about 150 devotees. Next day, Guru Maharaj flew to Venice. Few Italian matajis along with devotees from Slovenia drove us from Venice to Ljubljana.

The main reason Guru Maharaj is visiting Slovenia, is to take a special therapy.
The therapy was scheduled from 29th September until 2nd of October. He has been attending this therapy for the last two days steadily. He goes out around 8.30am and returns back to the temple around 8pm. After returning from the therapy he gives a small class for the assembled devotees. Many disciples have come from different parts of Balkan countries and European countries to take Guru Maharaj’s association.

Guru Maharaj is scheduled to be here in Ljubljana until the 4th of Oct after which he will be travelling to Prabhupadadesh, Vicenza. He is scheduled to return to India on the 9th of October.

Mahavaraha Das