Statistics from previously submitted Prayers and Offerings

These details include submissions upto end of Purusottama Month 2018
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Offering Type Quantity
Extra rounds of Hare Krishna Maha-Mantra 207070
Ghee Lamps 46168
Tulsi Parikrama 117957
Sri Narasimha Kavacha Stotra 16401
Nirjala Ekadasi Fasting 342
Kirtan for Guru Maharaja 2054
Number of Books Distributed 12563
Participants in Street Harinama 6120
Holy Dham Parikramas and Holy Dham visits 20060
Reading Srila Prabhupad's book everyday 8719
Yajna (Fire Sacrifice) 294
Bathing in holy rivers 1362
Any charity 467658
Flower or fruits offering 13155
Any level of Purusottam Month fastings 2240
Getting up at Brahma Muhurta 5033
Mangala Arati 11460
Hours in Devotional Service for Guru Maharaja 10652
Hall/Home Programmes 1133