MEB Meeting Cancelled

MEB meeting was cancelled, although I was going to attend on my bed. Then I took the Ganges bath and applied twelve tilaka.

Afternoon Update – 12 Oct 2012

After the correspondence, I woke up. I laid down, but was not able sleep much. Doctor said I should keep my legs raised, I did that. I also chanted my Gayatri in noon because every day we have to finish our Gayatris in a same day. It can’t carried over to the next...

Health Update – 11 Oct 2021

Yesterday, I was feeling sick with fever and pain in my right leg with cellulitis. The doctor came and gave me medicine. As per the doctor’s advice, I took rest and I was not able to take the Caitanya Lila class. I took medicine in the night before going to...

Health Update – 02 Sept 2021

Last night and this morning, I was still sick with the infection in my leg, cellulitis in the right leg. So, I slept until 6.30am and took my medicine. Then I went back to sleep and slept until 10am.

Meeting with Doctor

I met with my speech therapist Her Grace Gopikā Haripriya devī dāsī today over Zoom.