Sunday 10th Jan 2021
22.00 hrs (Indian Standard Time)

Dear God-family, disciples and well-wishers of H.H. Jayapataka Swami Maharaja,

Guru Maharaja’s parameters are looking good today except for sugar levels which are high, possibly due to some medications he is on. He was feeling a little tired but continued his activities as far as possible.

Today seva committee had a meeting with all the servants who tested positive to gather if they are being taken care of well. Almost all of them on the road to recovery.

We are still in the crucial period and therefore request everyone to continue intense prayers. Our sincere and heartfelt gratitude to one and all.

Please join the 24-hour sankirtan yajna organized for Guru Maharaja. The link is given below

On behalf of the Health Team and the JPS Seva Committee

Your Servant
Mahavaraha Das