Why do we say that the soul is eternal?


Jayapataka Swami: Because material things are created, it has a beginning and an end. But that is the nature of material creation. We the souls, we are not created by God, we are parts of God. Krsna is there before the material world is present, and even after the material world is destroyed, He continues to
exist. We also exist before the material world because you need to exist after the material world. ‘We’ meaning the spirit soul. The spirit soul is above the material nature which is external energy. Right now we are being controlled by material nature, whereas in yoga, we learn to control the material nature. Yoga means to link with the Supreme. It is like how you are linked to your loved one by mobile phone. So you can have a link with God by His sound vibration. So vibration can be very spiritual. It can be absolutely spiritual. So we are trying to teach people that by using vibration of the mantra, you can directly come in link with Krsna. When we are linked up by that vibration, we are getting that spiritual purification from the Lord. It uplifts our consciousness to the higher level.

HH Jayapataka Swami
Question and Answer Session
Polish Woodstock Festival, 2002