When one practises devotional service for his whole life, but at the time of death is still on the kanista level or still has many material desires in the heart, how much does he have chance to get Krsna prema?


Jayapataka Swami: One may have many material desires and take birth again in the material world. He may be born in heavenly planets or somewhere depending on what desires he has. Maybe the desire may appear very strong but it may be insignificant. In any case, Prabhupada said we must be cent percent Krsna conscious, then we can get Krsna prema. Cent percent means like zero error. Prabhupada was taking class in Montreal and I was there. So hearing this, devotees were feeling downcast. Then he said, “alright, 90%”. He was then going down the stairway and he turned to the devotees, “Even 80% , Krsna will accept you.” So devotees were feeling a little relief. Then he started to walk away. Then he turned back. “Even 70%, the Lord will take you” he said, throwing his chadhar over his shoulder with his head high. Now, it depends on how much you are kanista – 50%, 60%, 70%. At some level, Krsna may take you anyway. If you have too many material desires, then Krsna will satisfy what you want.

HH Jayapataka Swami
Hyderabad, November 2009