This year, the Most Blessed Event, the “Sri Vyasa Puja Mahotsava” of our beloved Guru Maharaja falls on the 7th April 2017 – Sri Mayapur Dham, India.

5 April 2017 Wednesday – Rama Navami

6 April 2017 Thursday – Vyasa-puja Adhivasa Ceremony

7 April 2017 Friday – Kamada Ekadasi (Vyasa-puja)

8 April 2017 Saturday – Dvadasi


This message is to request you to please send your Vyasa Puja Homage for 2017.

Kindly follow these guidelines:

– Send your Homage to

– Please do not send your Homage to Guru Maharaja, or his secretaries e-mail IDs or to any of the other conferences.

– In the subject line please mention the Name of the person/s the homage is from, your Yatra, City & Country.

For ex:
Krishna Dasa, Sri Mayapur, India.
Rukmini Devi Dasi, Durban, South Africa.
Gauranga Dasa, Sarajevo, Bosnia

– Please mention (Siksha Disciple) or (Diksha disciple) or (Aspiring) or (Shelter) or (Well-wisher) as the case maybe at the end of the homage.

– Please send only one homage per mail.

– Please don`t type your homage in *ALL CAPS*.

– Please send your photographs with Guru Maharaj, or your photograph (with good resolution) alone to place it along with your homage.

– If anyone want to write an offering in their own language – please type it in Unicode (Google) and send it.

– If you are a local JSSS Co-ordinator, Area co-ordinator – kindly forward this message to everyone under your care or make an announcement of the same in the proper forum.

– Homages received would be offered to Guru Maharaja and the same posted on the website (www.jayapatakaswamivyasapuja.com) for everyone’s pleasure. They would be available for viewing on the website, from the Vyasa Puja day onwards.

The deadline for sending the homage is “1st March 2017”.

For more details please be in contact with:



Whatsapp <+91 96819 16108>


PS: Kindly take time to send in your homage before the deadline. Homages received after the deadline may not be printed or available for viewing online on the Vyasa Puja day or immediately afterwards.

Yours in Service,

Jayapataka Swami Archives