Homebase: Sridhama Mayapur
Camp: Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai, India

My attending physicians say that if things keep improving, I should be discharged next week. Thank you for your prayers; they are certainly helping.

Some disciples went to some ancient temple in Tamil Nadu where there are palm leaf inscriptions written by renowned rsis. The inscriptions say who will go to the temple and gives the details of the person. The inscriptions gave the names of my mother and father and said that their names are western names. The inscriptions said that I am a guru and various details. Some inscriptions said that by taking the karma of many disciples, I have lost 20 years of my life. I don’t mind but I want disciples to go back to Godhead. What is the use of me sacrificing if disciples go back to sinful life? I heard how some disciples are breaking regulative principles. I want disciples to progress in their devotional service so that they can experience the bliss, chant the names of Krsna and experience transcendental happiness. In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krsna mentions many a time that we are not the body. This was repeated by Srila Prabhupada in a countless number of lectures. In this material world, we experience pleasure and pain through the senses but in the spiritual world, one is prasanna, always blissful. In the spiritual world, we try to please Krsna. Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda give us Their causeless mercy.

Your well wisher always,
Jayapataka Swami

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