Today was a very special day in Vrindavan since Guru Maharaja met HG Gargamuni Prabhu, the brother of HG Brahmananda Prabhu. It was a very long time since they had last met and it was an extremely sweet occasion. When Gargamuni Prabhu entered Guru Maharaja’s room, they embraced for a long time, almost as if they were trying to make up for the long time that they had been apart. They talked for well over an hour, where every other sentence started with “Remember when…?” and laughter would fill up the room as a sense of nostalgia arose as two good friends reminisced many pastimes of the early days of ISKCON. 

Gargamuni Prabhu asked what was the most expensive thing that Srila Prabhupada spent money on. The answer was toilets. This is because Srila Prabhupada really wanted to take care of his disciples and he understood that for them, the toilet was the most important as they were not used to going into the field to answer the nature’s call. Srila Prabhupada loved his disciples and he really wanted to care for them and the disciples, since Srila Prabhupada was so loving and caring, also loved Srila Prabhupada and only wanted to serve him. “That is pure Bhakti”, Gargamuni Prabhu said. The love that the guru has for his disciples and the love the disciples have for the guru should be reciprocal. Guru Maharaja remarked we should highlight this point.

Gargamuni Prabhu continued that it is exactly what happened to Brahmananda Prabhu when he left his body. Because he saved Srila Prabhupada from the hospital, Srila Prabhupada saved Brahmananda Prabhu from going to the hospital and leaving his body outside of Vrindavan.

Like this, all the topics ended in glorifying their beloved spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada. 

Regarding Guru Maharaja’s latest health crisis, Gargamuni Prabhu told Guru Maharaja, “You have a shield!” He was certain that until Guru Maharaja finishes fulfilling the instructions given by Srila Prabhupada, he would be protected by a huge shield to remain and guide us all.

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Written by Bhaktin Yuka