Nama Om…
Mukham karoti vacalam..

I would like to welcome everybody who is online, and those who have come here to follow the Caitanya book compilation. Today is Ekadasi and first day of Bhishma Panchaka. Even those who are following havishanna are eating fruits and roots. Of course they can have yogurt or milk but those who eat fruits and roots cannot. So since we don’t have an installed deity here we have the pujaris in Mayapur and Chennai have the auspicious flowers offered on the five days. Of course you could do also do at some picture of Krishna. We also offered tarpana to Bhishma dev, aargya and pranam. We had a bowl of water and put some 10 grams of Ganga jal. But one can also invoke Ganga by mantras. Then we offered a lamp in the evening. So this is basically the program of Bhishma Panchaka. Five days, on the full moon day you break the fast after moon rise or sunset. So We hope everyone enjoys the Bhishma Panchaka. Detailed ceremonies are posted on my Facebook and various mantras which are to be chanted. Also we could do some more but basic requirements are given.

Nama Om…
Mukham karoti vacalam..

So Sriman Pandit is telling the vaishnavas why he is so happy. He heard that Gaurasundar had returned from Gaya and that He was very happy. Hearing this he went to greet Him yesterday in the afternoon.

Lord Gaurasundar displayed a supremely renounced form and He greeted everyone. He revealed His utmost aversion to the material world. He did not even show a bit of arrogance, for even a moment.

So in a secluded place, He started to talk Krishna’s topics, which places He has visited, and where He had seen some wonderful pastimes there.

As soon as He announced the name paada Padma thirtha, the holy place of the Lord’s lotus footprints, His eyes filled with tears of love and the place around Him was filled with all those tears.

All of His body, His hairs standing on end, quivering in His body, He called out, Haan KRISHNA! And immediately fell to the ground.

In His entire body, there was no sign of life as He fell unconscious on the ground. After some time, He regained His external consciousness. He was in a state of wonderment.

In the end as He was calling out the names of Krishna, He was crying profusely and it was like Ganga devi was flowing from His eyes.

The devotion that I have seen with my own eyes, I do not consider Him as an ordinary human being. This thought has left my mind.

When He regained His external consciousness He said to everyone, these words, everybody let us meet together at the house of Shuklambhar Brahmachari tomorrow morning.

You and Sadashiva and Pandit Murari, I will reveal My distress to you said Gaurahari. So the Lord, He wanted to submit His experience, why He was suffering so much. But He wanted to do this in private.

So they wanted to know why he was so happy, why he was smiling. So Sriman Pandit said, this is supremely auspicious. My experience I have explained to you; this is certainly a cause that I have given to you. You can believe me.

When the devotees heard Sriman Pandit’s description they started to chant loudly HARI! HARI! HARIBOL! So the devotees immediately expressed their joy by chanting the name of Hari.

The first to speak was Srivas Thakur who was very magnanimous. He said, may Krishna increase our spiritual family.

So there are two kinds of vaishnavas, the bhajan anandis and ghosti anandis. The bhajan anandis, they want their own liberation and they absorb themselves in spiritual practices but they don’t do much to expand the preaching. Ghosti anandis are those who want to see the devotees’ family increase. His Divine Grace Bhakti Vedanta Swami Prabhupad, he was declared a Ghosti anandi and he wanted to spread Krishna consciousness all over the world. So the devotees they were praying that their spiritual family may increase, that their ghosti would increase.

Everyone discussed the topics of Lord Krishna in a very happy mood and from this an auspicious sound rose which was supremely enchanting.

All the devotees they repeated thathasthu, may it be so! Let everyone worship the lotus feet of Krishna Chandra. This word thathasthu is sometimes used by the ritualistic smarthas as a blessing, when they would give oblations to their forefathers, in the shraadha ceremony. Srivas his prayer was from Lord Brahma down to the end, that everyone serve the lotus feet of Krishna and increase their ghosti. Hearing this from the mouth of Srivas all the devotees immediately approved it by saying, so be it.

So after all the devotees had picked their flowers they went to their house to do their puja.

Sriman Pandit with Gadaadhar went to the house of Shuklambhar Brahmachari and find the path on the bank of the Ganges.

So we will stop here. I have to keep a track of time, I lose track!!

So let us meet Lord Caitanya at the house of Shuklambhar Brahmachari or actually his house is a temple and so his house is next to the temple.

Any questions?

Someone is asking that is there an shaastric evidence why we should not take onion and garlic?

Guru Maharaj: Yes, there is. Even in the Google, scientists have found that onion and garlic are very detrimental to health. But primarily eating on and garlic has the kind of karma like eating cow because some king ran over a cow with his chariot and killed it. All the cow’s dead body came on in onion and garlic. So this evidence is like this. And in no temple very Vishnu, Shiva, they don’t accept offering made with onion and garlic. Any other question related to the topic today?

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
19 November 2018