The doctors have told me to be very careful, the first six months then a year, now it is past six months. One year will be on August 15. After me, there were two liver transplants in the hospital. One person was from Singapore and the other from Kolkata. But both of them did not survive! If one has a sickness and is suffering, then there is always a doubt if they will survive or not. Since I have a new liver and kidney, we have to make sure the body does not reject them. That is why I am having immunorepressant medicines. That is why I wear mask when I go out. And my caretakers they come close and talk they have to wear mask and stay away. I don’t like this, I want to embrace all the devotees! Want to get the blessings of all the vaisnavas, But I cannot do this. If I try to do this and I get some infection, then goodbye! The doctor said, that I need to be in seclusion. But I said, how is that possible, my work is being in the midst of all the people!

Excerpt from His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Guru Maharaja’s lecture, April 28 2019, Kolkata