Sri Guru Prasanga

A Goldmine of Opportunity to Own the Vani Jewel!

Guru Maharaja says: “I have given my disciples many instructions. I have got a lot of disciples. It is the duty of a spiritual master to instruct them. So, in all my lectures, I have given my instructions with much guidance for my disciples to carry out Srila Prabhupada’s instructions and mission. The spiritual knowledge thus shared with them is a gold mine! If you just give people the unrefined gold rock, people may not appreciate its value. So you need to make necklaces, rings, and various other ornaments out of it to get people like and accept it.”

As per Srila Guru Maharaja’s instructions, by sourcing this gold mine of Guru Maharaja’s Archives which is home to his invaluable instructions, we are making a sincere effort to produce a variety of soul-enthralling, gemmed jewelry for disciples to decorate their heart and mind with. JPS Archives (Jayapataka Swami Archives) is trying to distribute Guru Maharaja’s vani/instructions in various ways through the media. One such jewel is Sri Guru Prasanga, a monthly magazine.

So far, we have been accepting subscriptions only from within India for printed, hard copies of Sri Guru Prasanga. But we are glad to inform our dear godbrothers and godsisters worldwide that we are very much eager and ready to help you all associate with Guru Maharaja through Sri Guru Prasanga by emailing it to each of you worldwide.

Those who are in India can subscribe to the magazine and get it every month by post. And those who want to receive it by email can also subscribe here. It is only Rs. 600/ $ 9 for the whole year!

By subscribing to Sri Guru Prasanga, you are deciding to associate with Guru Maharaja through his soul-satisfying instructions every month, besides helping JPS Archives to better serve you.

Thanking you, Yours in service,

JPS Archives Team