Jagannath mandir, Rajapur. I offer my respectful obeisances at the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupad. In this Navadvip dham there are nine islands. The first one is Simantadvip. The Jagannath temple is in Simantadvip. Behind Jagannath, Baladev, Subhadra and Sudarshan, is a temple of Parvati and Gaurasundar. Here Sri Mahadev chants the glories of Gauranga in kirtan. Gauranga! Gauranga! Gauranga! Gauranga! Gauranga! When He started chanting the glories, the earth started shivering. The mother of the universe Parvati saw the earthquake and tsunami and went back to mount Kailash. Then Mahadev was dancing and singing kirtan. Gauranga! Gauranga! Gauranga! Gauranga! Gauranga! Gauranga! This way, Parvati devi, told Sri Shiva, oh my Lord, oh my Lord, and broke His rhythm. Then Sri Shiva told her, I was experiencing the ecstasy of love of the Lord, Krishna prema, and you came and broke the spell, why did you do that? To that Pravati replied, I am sad. I saw that the conditioned souls are in misery, because of earthquake, tsunami, etc. But this is not the time of Maha pralaya of the earth. You danced so much that the whole universe would have been destroyed. Mahadev is Ashutosh, easily pleased, and He then forgave Parvati. Then Parvati asked Him, what name were You chanting? He said, I was chanting the names of Caitanya Mahaprabhu – Gauranga! Gauranga! Gauranga! You know what will happen if you chant this name? If you go to Navadvip and chant this name, you will get darshan of Lord Gauranga. And He is freely distributing Krishna prema there. So Parvati devi went to Simantadvip and started chanting the name of Lord Gauranga. Gauranga! Gauranga! Gauranga! Gauranga! Gauranga! Gauranga! Gauranga! Then Gaurangadev appeared before her. Then He asked Parvati, you called Me, what do you want? Parvati said that I have heard that you are easily giving Krishna prema to all. I don’t get the association of devotees, they call me pisacha, witch. This way people ridicule me. Because I don’t get the association of pure devotees. If I could please get Krishna prema, I offer my obeisances to You! Then Parvati took the dust from the feet of Caitanyadev and applied it on her forehead, in the middle of the parting of her hair. That place is called Simanta. That is why the name of that island is Simantadvip. Gauranga said, that you are non-different from My energy, Radharani. That is why you will experience here your non-difference from Radharani. And you will get Radha bhaav here. That is what I gave you blessings! Saying this Lord Gauranga disappeared. Here in remembrance of this leela there are deities of Parvati devi in meditation and Lord Gauranga standing near her. That is why I told you some pastime. And please hear of Jagannath’s leela from other devotees. I end here now.

Your ever well-wisher and servant
Jayapataka Swami

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
10 March 2019