Rukumpur, this place is very sacred. It is at the northern boundary of Navadvip dham. Here Lord Nityananda came with Jahnavi and her sister, Vasudha. And when the Ganges shifted to this place, they moved here and stayed for a short time. That is why there is a deity of Lord Nityananda, Vasudha and Jahnava. Some deities were taken to Vrndavan. Nityananda prabhu’s son was Birchandra prabhu who was the incarnation of Kshirodakshaayi Vishnu. And this is also a Rama Thirtha. Sita Rama is there. And I think in Kartik Purnima, by visiting the deity in this place and taking bath, one gets hundred times what you get by bathing in Haridwar or any other Rama Thirtha. And many pastimes happened here also. You hear how He liberated a demon, and in the future you will go to the Bel pukur, later today. There you will see the deity of Madanagopal. That deity was worshipped by the family of Sachi mata. That deity is about 1100 years old! So the Bhakti Vedanta Charity Trust has built some kirtan hall and made some other improvements. So our camp is very close to that temple. And the sevite of that temple is also an Iskcon disciple. His name is Nimai Goswami and his initiated name is Nimai Krishna das. He can also use any donation for developing the deity worship. Hare Krishna!

Your well-wisher and servant,
Jayapataka Swami

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
10 March 2019