Hare Krishna! I offer my respectful obeisances at the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupad! In this Navadvip dham is the city of Navadvip. Earlier Navadvip used to be on the eastern side of the Ganges. Under the British rule to have a railway station, the city came to being on the western side. Now this is Koladvip. Another name is Aparadh Bhanjan Kulia Paat. If anyone has committed offences, here easily they can get pardon for their offences here in Koladvip. Devananda Pandit had committed an offence here, Jagai Madhai, like this many offenders were pardoned here, in Koladvip. If you offer one another the following prayer – vaancha kalpataru bhayascha kripa sindhubhya eva cha, patitaanaam paavanebhyo, vaishnavebhyo namo namaha! And also if someone has knowingly or unknowingly offended you, you may pardon them. And they will also say the same prayer in their minds. This way you will be able to be absolved of your offences. If we touch someone’s body with our feet, or we touch someone’s shadow with our feet – any offence known or unknown, those offences also will be cleared. Earlier, Jagannath das babaji stayed in Vrndavan. Whatever pious deeds we do in Vrndavan the benefit is 1000 times, but if we do any sinful deeds the result is 1000 times more. So Jagannath das babaji said that there is more heat in Vrndavan, high heat. Not temperature hot but heat of sinful deeds. If one commits offence there, then one gets 1000 times more sinful result. But in Navadvip if one does service, they get 1000 times benefit, but much less result of offence. Even then one still has to stay clear of vaishnava aparadh, offence to the vaishnavas. Whatever, Jagannath das babaji came to Navadvip and attained siddhi perfection. He used to sit behind the temple and used to chant, meditate and he also had a manjari, all this he procured here. Whatever results you get in Vrndavan, you get here in Navadvip but offence is less. So with these thoughts I offer my obeisances to Jagannath das babaji. Also if I have knowingly or unknowingly offended any of you devotees, please forgive me.

Your servant and your well-wisher,
Jayapataka Swami

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
09 March 2019