Nama Om Vishnupadaya…

So I welcome and obeisances for the Navadvip parikrama. This Navadvip parikrama is a very special yagna, it is a vratha, sacrifice, that we will do parikrama of the nine islands, this day we take a sankalpa, so that we could complete the parikrama. In this Navadvip parikrama, every step there is so much result that an ashwamedha yagna is nothing in comparison! Also, from our hearts, for Lord Caitanyadev, at every moment, we have increased love and prema. Hearing His leelas our love and prema for Him increases. And if someone in Navadvip dham does not keep proper respect and etiquette for vaishnavas, there are so many exalted vaishnavas, Nityananda prabhu is asking whether such people are really dham vaasis? Meaning residents of the dham? Nityananda prabhu said that there is a thin layer over Navadvip dham and those who do not follow vaishnava etiquette properly reside on top of this layer. But those who are vaishnavas, they can get the blessing of Praudh maya and Shiva and are able to reside in Navadvip. They can enter into the secrets of Navadvip dham. This way, we should be careful not to offend a vaishnava, and do Hari kirtan. Our vaishanava acharya Lochanadas Thakur said, bhajo bhajo bhai Caitanya Nitai, shudradha vishwasa kori, vishaya chaadiya shei raase maajhiya mukhe bolo Hari Hari! This way we will get the prasadam of the Lord, we will chant the names of the Lord and we will also hear the glories and the Lord’s leelas of the dham. This way we will stay away from sense gratification. Also, with the blessing of Navadvip, we will be able to reside in the rasa or mellow of Lord Gauranga. All the time there will be Hari naam chanting amongst us. This way we hope that you will get the maximum benefit. This Navadvip dham has come from the spiritual world. The Hari naam sankirtan is the prema dhan or wealth of love of Goloka Vrndavan. Hari naam sankirtan, Golokero prema dhan. This way through Hari naam sankirtan you should do the Navadvip parikrama, and also hear the glories of the dham through the mouths of exalted vaishnavas and this way by hearing and chanting, you will all be together for one week. After this week, you would have got so much mercy of the Lord. I also hope that then you will preach and distribute the love of God when you go back home. This way you will not go back the same as you had come because you would all have got the special mercy of the Lord. I am praying to their Lordships that They bestow Their mercy on all of you and that you are able to get Krishna prema in this lifetime.

Hare Krishna! Our Founder Acharya Srila Bhakti Vedanta Swami Prabhupad had said that we should do the Navadvip parikrama. Our previous acharyas had also done this. We hope that in the future also you will continue to do this parikrama. Haribol!

Your servant Jayapataka Swami

Transcribed by Jayaraseshwari devi dasi
09 March 2019