Lord Krsna comes in every day of Brahma, on the 28th dvapara yuga, each Brahma’s day has a 1000 catur-yuga. Krsna comes in a 28th…
We are very fortunate to be present 5000 years after Krsna’s appearance.

And His appearance, His activities are all transcendental. Someone knows the appearance and activities about Krsna is transcendental, they never have to take birth again. So, we are observing Janmastami tomorrow. Today we had “adhivasa”, the celebration a day before. Our temple (Mayapur) was packed up with people. Then they chanted a song that says “anander-sima-nay” – there is no limit to the transcendental bliss. “nirananda-dure-jay” – and the unhappiness driven far away. So, we want you tomorrow to experience unlimited happiness and drive your sadness far away. Hare Krsna!

Tomorrow is a good day! Chant rounds! Read the Krsna book, and absorb yourself in Krsna conscious activities and thoughts.

Hare Krsna!