Jaya Jagannātha Jaya Baladeva Jaya Subhadrā. Nitāi Gauraharibol.

So, All glories to Jagannātha Baladeva & Subhadrā.

So, this special form of Lord Krishna, Balarāma & Subhadrā was manifested in Dvārakā. Ratha-yātrā is celebrating Krishna’s journey back to Vṛndāvana. He has great desire to satisfy the devotees of Vṛndāvana. There are no horses, no motors for Ratha-yātrā. You are the horses.

This Ratha-yātrā is to give you all blessings. It is said in the Śāstras, just by pulling the rope of Ratha one can end the cycle of birth and death. The purpose of human life is side by side, see the material side and spiritual side. So, a little advancement in the spiritual side will help one to get back to the spiritual world, or one can enjoy higher positions in material side if that is what one wants.

We are ātmā, the living force and when we leave the body, the body is useless. While we are present in this body, we try to do as much devotional service as possible. Ordinary things we do, we dovetail them as an offering to Kṛṣṇa, like if we have children, we try to give the children the spiritual knowledge. So, then that is devotional service.

Pulling the Ratha and watching the Ratha gives blessings to all. Lord is so kind; normally we have to go temple to see him but during Ratha-yātrā he comes out to sees all the devotees. This community is blessed by having organized this Ratha-yātrā. With this few words, I would like to end here so that you can start the Ratha-yātrā.