Jayapataka Swami: Nityananda Prabhu was travelling all over India. So in the vision of Advaita Acarya, western India, He is calling as westerners! Ha! So at that time Bengali brahmanas were very strict. Now, they are not so strict. I read that in Bengal, 98% of the Bengalis are non-veg. So that is the government census. In western India, today, I think in Gujarat 40 or 60% are vegetarian. But at that time, Advaita said, that oh,You traveled to western India, and at that time, maybe He wasn’t following so strictly, that was the accusation. Actually this is just a drama, that Advaita was, He was showing anger. And this was Their transcendental pastime. Because afterwards, They laughed and embraced each other. So, just He had to accuse Nityananda of something so, He was saying this thing.