Jayapataka Swami: Well, we are trying to figure it out. But that is the 5th of June. 4th of June is the Ciḍā-dadhi mahotsava. Right now, that is our focus. But I am thinking about the Snāna-yātrā, I will tell you later. I think that we cannot have large people gather without maintaining social distancing, and apparently the places of worship are not being opened until 8th of June, in India. In Bengal maybe, I don’t know, we heard conflicting reports. We heard that places of worship may be opened on 1st June, today, but only ten people allowed. I asked them to check on the website of the Government. But I think that you have to perform the Snāna-yātrā in the temple just with some pūjārīs. And hopefully you have a way of broadcasting the pictures of the Snana-yātrā to your congregation. And the temples should have a system of broadcasting the video to the congregation. And see what the Government rules and how you can adhere to that.