Guru Maharaj: It is not like that. It is Srila Prabhupada who wants him. If Krsna has a different plan, that way He can defeat any virus or anything. If He has a different plan, then that plan will take effect. So now most of the GBC were discussing that while we are alive, we should take this as a wake up call from the departure of Bhakti Caru Swami, and try to answer all the essential issues, so that the next generation will have the guidance from Srila Prabhupada’s disciples. So it is very hard to understand what the desire of Krsna is. And by one action, He may achieve many things. So I don’t think we should think that He was defeated or anything. He is Ajita, undefeatable. We have to just consider that that He had a different plan. And there are many things that can be achieved by this departure of His dear devotee.