Jayapataka Swami: This form of Krsna celebrates ratha yatra every year. Some other deities in South India also do ratha yatras. For instance, like Nrsimhadeva, or some other deities, they also do ratha yatra. But specially the Jagannatha deities are very merciful. So therefore, His going on the ratha yatra is something very special. By pulling the rope, by seeing the rope, one is delivered to the spiritual world. So it is a very special opportunity and this form of Krsna, He is hankering to go back to Vrndavana. So this ratha yatra is taking Krsna to Vrndavana. So, that is a bit special, compared to other ratha yatras in India. So since Lord Jagannatha is very merciful, and He accepts the offering from all the devotees, therefore participating in this ratha yatra is something very special.