Guru Maharaj: Why Krishna does something, who are we to intervene, why Krishna does this why Krishna does that? He has many reasons, to achieve Krishna as a son, not an easy thing, do you think it’s that cheap? They had a blessing that they would have Krishna as their son in different avataras three times. Those 6 children that were killed by Kamsa, because they drank milk from Devaki, which Krishna also drank, therefore later Krishna delivered them. They were very offensive previously,and so therefore they were suffering. Therefore, Krishna by His mercy, He delivered them. So I think if you ask Vasudev and Devaki whether they would rather trade having Krishna as their son, to them being in the jail? Now these questions, we see that devotee like the Pandavas and their wife was disgraced, they were for 14 years in exile, how Lord Rama was banished to the forest for 14 years, these lilas of Krishna and His avataras are having various moods rasas. In this way, the devotees have opportunity to show their love for Krishna. And you see Yashoda, she lamented that Krishna in the forest there so many rocks, thorns, may be His soft feet will hurt. But if you ask Yashoda, why do you have Krishna as your son? You know it’s like- because they love Krishna, BECAUSE THEY LOVE KRISHNA ha! Anyway what can I say.
06-Aug-2020 Śrīdhām Māyāpur, India