Guru Maharaj: If you wouldn’t have left, maybe he wouldn’t have left his body. It is difficult to say what the plan of Krsna is. But somehow, he was distributing prasadam to the doctors and nurses of that hospital, before he was sick. And they have great respect for him. They let him wear his Tulasi beads, his brahmana thread, which normally hospitals don’t do in America. They allowed them to keep Srimad Bhagavatam by his head, and various other things, like dust from Vrndavana. So he was in one of the best places, I would say in America! At least they respected him as a spiritual leader. He is a great general, and he went with the idea of preaching. Although I would have protested. But he was in an ecstatic mood of preaching. He felt that preaching is going on in the West, he wanted to be there. Why? We know that it is very dangerous, at this time there is no cure, no vaccine for the virus. And elderly people are in high risk. So we can ask the question why did he have to go? But he was in some ecstatic mood that he thought I should go for preaching. The only thing I could understand was that may be Krsna was calling him, because otherwise I don’t see any reason why someone would take that risk.