Guru Maharaj: You see once the human society receives some daivaklesha, everyone is affected. If there is a cyclone or a earthquake, or tidal wave, or some pestilence, everyone is affected. And although devotees may be are not doing the same sinful acts, they may still be affected. Srila Prabhupada was saying, if we kill someone, we do one by one. But if Visnu does it, He does it wholesale. In the Bible, it was said, there was once a plague that was coming, and the advice was, stay indoors, let the plague pass, and then go out. The bad karma is going to punish the people, so you should stay indoors. I found that interesting because that is like a lockdown. Because so far there is no cure and no vaccine for this COVID-19. Although many people get it, most people recover. The doctors told me that I should not get it. Since, I have had a liver and kidney transplant and old aged, so if I get it, it is very dangerous. So like that I am in a kind of self-quarantine. But I hope that all of you are safe and practice the guidelines which are given like social distancing, wear masks, wash hands. Ask everyone to chant the holy names. We are very happy that the Rama Janma Bhumi foundation has been laid. At least they chanted the name of Rama many times! I must have heard many, many times. So we want everyone to chant the name of Hare Krishna Hare Rama. If one does not want to chant these names, chant any bonafide names given in the scriptures. This is the sacrifice for the Kali yuga. We should pray to the Lord that if we commit offences, please forgive us. But I also heard many devotees that this corona pandemic has proved to be a kind of blessing in disguise. I told devotees that in South India, how many thousands of people were attending the Chennai program, online. So Mangaluru got inspired and they started doing such programs. They are not as organized as Chennai, they said. But they were inspired. MY CHENNAI! They have 11,000 people joined. And they gave a program in seven different languages. So you are doing great work! NANRI! NANRI! Thank you very much!