Guru Maharaj: One can be in whichever asrama they want to. Whichever they feel more comfortable. If they feel that grihasta asrama is more appropriate for you, that allows certain license for sex life. Krishna has made machines – male and female form. So they can reproduce each other. So the scientists they are not able to make a machine that could reproduce itself. Ha! We shouldn’t think that Krishna’s pastimes with the queens or the gopis are material. He is transcendental. And in Vrindavana, His pastimes are understood by the liberated souls. One has to read all the previous nine cantos, then you can understand how the position of Krishna is transcendental. Once when I was a new devotee, I asked a question about Radharani. Srila Prabhupada chastised me. Who are you to ask about Radharani? Since I was a new devotee, I didn’t understand much, so I accepted that.