Guru Maharaj: The devotees in the USSR, they had so much difficulty while preaching, they were arrested by the KGB. They made beads out of bread. So, we use our fingers to count. We use clicker to count. So, if you cannot chant on beads, you can chant some other way. As far as marrying a non-devotee, try to marry a vegetarian or someone favorable. Now, one of my disciples, her father saw that he got a match of an engineer but the horoscope did not match. He was favorable, he wanted his daughter to marry this engineer, so he was thinking of paying something extra to the astrologer to make the horoscope work. Because he was getting good salary. What can I say about such fathers? We arranged for that girl, a vice president of a bank who was a devotee, but he couldn’t tell that he was a devotee. He asked his father not to tell that he was a devotee. His father said, I am a brahmana I cannot lie, but if they don’t ask me I will not tell. By Krsna’s arrangement, the father had a motorcycle accident and he was in the hospital. Anyway, if a girl is facing about marrying a non-devotee you can tell me and I can try to help.