Jayapataka Swami: While chanting, or reading or hearing or speaking the pastimes of the Lord, is it alright to think that the Lord is in front of us? If you have a nice visionary capacity, then by chanting, reading, or hearing the pastimes of the Lord or speaking them, it is natural that you visualize this pastime of the Lord, to some degree. One devotee told me that they found that they have a psychological defect, that he cannot visualize anything. So, if you cannot visualize anything, apparently it is a psychological defect! and generally, I would hope that you have a certain mental image of what’s going on. Actually, we cannot imagine what the Lord, His form, His pastimes are. That’s why the author is saying that I cannot describe everything, I am just giving, whatever I can do, but you should understand that it is much, much, much beyond any ability I have to describe! So, what can I say? How fortunate were the people in Navadvīpa at that time to see the Lord’s pastimes? People came from other planets to see, take on human forms and participated, that was such an amazing pastime! So, when I am writing about it, I just chant Gaurāṅga! I am overwhelmed!