Guru Maharaj: The pastimes of Lord Chaitanya are so nectarean. Krishna Himself came as a devotee. And He established the sankirtana movement, and He was experimenting, what it is like to be a devotee. And as Rukmini said to Krishna in Dwaraka, ‘You know everything, You know what Brahma is doing in Satya loka,You know what Siva is doing in Kailasa, but there is one thing You don’t know!!  Radharani knows!, I know!! You don’t know!’ He said, ‘What do you mean? There is something that I don’t know?!’ ‘Yes! She said.What is that? You don’t know how much Your devotees love you! and in what way we love you? Ha!’ So that inspired Krishna, ‘okay I will become a devotee and I will find out.’ So this is such an amazing pastime, that Lord Gauranga came as a devotee. I cannot, it is in my mind, it is so wonderful, I cannot forget it! I see that in every aspect of Krishna consciousness, we can have some connection with Lord Chaitanya. Haribol! Nitai Gauranga!