Guru Maharaj: What year? Srila Prabhupada had installed them, I don’t know what year. Because it was unusual to have Radha Govinda and Mahaprabhu. Usually we had Nitai Gaura and Radha Krsna separate. But here we had Radha Govinda and Lord Caitanya. At that time He was called Gaura Nataraja. There was a life member, Mr. Goenka he was giving all the Bhoga for the Deities. At some point, we were staying in his house in Chowringee Road, Jyotindra Avenue, to the north of Vivekananda Road. At that time, the youth on one side of the road were fighting with the youth on the other side. We saw them fighting and throwing bombs at each other. And so the police had different checkposts with sandbags. We had to walk by them with our hands up. And in 1971 there was the Bangladesh war. At that time all the headlights the top portion was painted black. It was restricted that foreigners could not leave Calcutta, but I still got to Mayapur to deliver their weekly allowance. So, I remember at that time, petrol was 60 paise. And when they raised it to 1 rupee, all the taxis went on strike. Nobody can imagine, 60 paise per liter. That is how long I have been in India!! Actually many people would come to see the deities of Radha Govinda. But who would know the exact year? It was during Srila Prabhupada’s time. (Jagannath Baladeva Subadra Deities – when were they installed?)I don’t exactly when but Srila Prabhupada wanted us to have Ratha Yatra in Calcutta and we had the deities then. So, must have been at the same time.