Jayapataka Swami: As I understood that you try to do Krsna consciousness but there are some obstacles. But this is natural. That in the material world, to get back to Godhead, you are first tested. And the testing may be by negative obstacles, sometimes friends, family members, they speak against. Sometimes by positive things, one is allured – like there was one devotee, his father said, if he gave up Krsna consciousness, I will give you one million dollars! ONE MILLION DOLLARS! SEVEN CRORES RUPEES! Give it up! He refused! Giriraja Swami! So maya will test you in different ways and if you pass the test, you go back to Godhead. If you fail the test then you get another life, you get more chances.So we should expect to be tested. No matter what tests come, we should be determined, we will serve Krsna, no matter what!! Whether maya offers us some allurement, what do we say, no! no! I WANT KRSNA! I don’t want maya!