Guru maharaj: I am not irritated. You may ask a question to someone respectfully that I see you as a senior devotee, but I see that you are smoking under the staircase or whatever that may be, should I follow this example? Like that, you can ask a question. Otherwise you can keep quiet and think that this is one thing I will not do in my life. I will be sincere to my guru maharaj and follow my initiation vows. Someone yesterday asked me that is it alright if you are a senior devotee, to not chant or not follow the principles very seriously? If you want to get love of Krsna, if you want self-realization, then you have to water your creeper. You have to pull out the weeds. You cannot do nisedacar, kuti nati, labh, puja, pratistadi. These different obstacles or weeds in devotional service can take away from your devotional creeper. So Lord Caitanya taught us we should be good gardners. We should avoid vaisnava aparadh, we should take out the weeds that suck energy from our devotional creeper. This way we should water our creeper with the Hare Krsna maha mantra and devotional service and thus we should grow and grow till our creeper takes shelter of Nitai Gaur, Radha Madhava’s lotus feet.

26th June 2019
Question & Answer Session
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia