Jayapataka Swami: The process is called sravanam, kirtanam. Kirtana is the chanting, sravana is the hearing. So while we chant we listen to our chanting. Lord Caitanya explained that this sankirtana is a sacrifice. That the tongue is like the scoop of the shurva that pours the ghee into the fire. And the ear holes are like the kunda of the sacrifice, and the ghee is the rasa of the holy name, the taste of the ecstasy of the chanting. When that ghee enters the ear holes, fire in the heart goes up, and that causes the body to have hairs standing on end, trembling in the body and eyes crying, and sometimes laughing uncontrollably. So generally we should hear our chanting. But sometimes Srila Prabhupada would chant with his devotees. And naturally we listen to his chanting, and we would hear the others chanting. But he encouraged us to chant with him. So we hear our own chanting and we hear his chanting.