Guru maharaj: Well, sometimes a person is in what they call coma, for some time. At that time the higher authorities are trying to decide where they will go, or waiting for the appropriate body I mean appropriate opportunity to take the body they need. If a person commits suicide, then they will have to stay in the subtle platform for the period that they would live. Because there is no actual solution. The movie Ghosts is very interesting which shows how the subtle entity is frustrated because the subtle body has no senses. This one subtle body, he wanted to smoke cigarettes but he had no senses, so he became so angry that he swiped at a cigarette machine and a bunch of cigarettes fell out but he could not do anything with it. So we advise everyone please, please, please do not commit suicide especially if you are a brahmana, you become a brahma rakshasa if you commit suicide. That means the rakshasa sees other human beings as meat! Like you see the meat eaters you have the picture of the cow with lines, here are the ribs, here is this chop that chop, I don’t know, different parts, like that the rakshasas see the human beings with dotted lines. Ravana was a rakshasa, and he would eat humans. So he did not ask a blessing for humans or animals. He thought humans were insignificant, they are my breakfast! So that is why Krishna came as Rama and Balaram came as Lakshman and Hanuman and all the monkeys. He had no difference between humans, and monkeys. He asked for a boon that he could not be killed by any demon or any deva, but he did not ask for human, he said deva or demon. So Lord Rama came as a human, and a whole army of monkeys came with Hanuman, Sugriva and they fought with Ravana and his kids. But Vibheshana told Ravana that give Sita back, give her back! Why should we lose so much over this one lady? Then Ravana said, you are on their side! You go and join them! I want to enjoy Sita. This is Ravana who was a lusty fellow, lust personified. Vibheshana went to Rama and surrendered. He said that since his brother said, go and join Him, I will join Him! Ha! Lakshman said how can we trust you? You may be a spy, a double agent! Vibheshana said, I swear that I honestly want to join you. May I be a king in kali yuga, if I lie? Oh a king in kali yuga, ok, ok, ok, ayou must be telling the truth! Ha!

11th March 2019
Sri Dham Mayapur, India