Jayapataka Swami: You see, there is a coordinator of the bhakti vrksa groups and he or she can say what the qualifications are for someone to be a bhakti vrksa leader. Usually one becomes an assistant servant leader of a bhakti vrksa group. The bhakti vrksa servant leader has an intern servant leader. So when they divide the group into two, the assistant servant leader becomes the next leader. So if a leader appoints you as an assistant servant leader, then he trains you up, gradually you lead the group. He watches you, he trains you and when he feels you are ready, the group splits into two and you are the next leader. But sometimes, some groups have two or three leaders. Two or three groups. Maybe they become 21 and they make three groups of 7 each. Maybe the group leader becomes a sector leader. Sector leader oversees 3 to 5 bhakti vrksa groups. So you can talk to the servant leader and see what you have to learn to become a leader yourself.