Jayapataka Swami: Hiranyakasipu glorified Brahma as the Supreme Person. Hiranyakasipu is considered a demon. Now having a demon recognize you as the supreme person, what is the use of that? Prahlada maharaj, he said that Nrsimhadeva or Krsna is the Supreme Person. His father said, accept Siva or accept Brahma, but both of them are vaisnavas or devotees. And so, a demon like Hiranyakasipu accepts anyone but Visnu as God. We know that Visnu is actually the Supreme Personality of Godhead. And Siva Himself was asked by Parvati, what is the best form of worship? And He said aradhananamsarvesam, Visnu aradhanamparam. Tasmatparataramdaivitadiyanamsamarthanam. Of all the types worship, worship  of Lord Visnu is Supreme. But one exception. Worshipping those who are connected to Visnu is better yet. So if you worship someone as a vaisnava, like Prahlada, that pleases Lord Visnu, Nrsimhadeva more. But Lord Siva Himself says that the Supreme form of worship is Visnu, or those connected to Visnu. So why should we have doubt? Don’t listen to Hiranyakasipu. He says he is God! He told Prahlada, worship me. And in some other pastime, he may say, worship Lord Siva. But Siva Himself says worship Visnu. So who do you follow? Hiranyakasipu or Siva?