Jayapataka Swami: Onion and garlic are not offerable to any deity, what to speak of Visnu deity, even Durga, Siva, Ganesa, Kartikeya, they don’t accept onion and garlic. And also recently I saw on the internet, there was some article, that onion and garlic are bad, according to the material scientists. You can say, in this Damodara month, or any month for that matter, that you only take Krsna prasadam, and that you cannot offer onion and garlic to Krsna. So, they can make special offering to Krsna, without onion and garlic, and then you can take that. I don’t know what it takes to convince your parents that onion and garlic are not suitable to be eaten. We cannot really offer it to Krsna. Someone may say that maybe garlic because of some doctor’s recommendation, it can be taken. Even then we cannot offer it to Krsna. Just as a medicine, you can say Sri Visnu three times and take it.  Unless you have high blood pressure or something, and the doctor is saying you should take garlic, I don’t see any other reason to take it. I hope you can solve this problem.