Guru maharaj: You see since Lord Gauranga is unlimited, Nityananda prabhu is unlimited, and we are limited, therefore we can never fully understand what goes on between Them. What we do understand is that it itself is very blissful. At one time mother Sachi said she had a dream and that she was serving prasadam to Gauranga and Nityananda and when she went out of the room and came back, Gauranga had turned into Krishna and Nitai into Balaram! And Balaram came up to her and told her, I am hungry! I am hungry! Feed Me! She said, what does that mean? That maybe we should invite Lord Nityananda for lunch! Ha! Gauranga, He went out to find Nityananda and He was on the other side of the Ganges and He told Him, come! So He swam over and then Lord Gauranga told Nitai, that You come and take lunch! Then Nityananda was walking back with Gauranga and He said, no funny business! I don’t do any funny business Gauranga said, You don’t do any funny business! They went back. Maybe the first time Nitai came and said He was hungry. I think it was the second time she got so excited that she brought three plates, although they were two of them. Then they turned into Krishna and Balaram. And when mother Sachi saw that she fainted. Then Lord Gauranga came and said, mother, mother, what happened? She looked and saw Nitai and Gaura and ran into the room and locked the door! Ha! She did not talk to anyone the rest of the day. So Nitai told Gaur don’t do any funny business. And He said, I don’t do, you don’t do. So who did it? Ha! Ha!

13th March 2019
Sri Dham Mayapur, India