Guru Maharaj: You see, material separation is due to identifying with the body. Say we have a body, it came from a mother or father. But from the same father and mother came brothers and sisters. Like that, if we feel separation due to some bodily relationship, that is something material. Because in every birth we have different mother and father, different brother and sister, sometimes we would be born in a lady’s body, sometime in a man’s body, and we also may be born in some other species. Indra was once offensive to his guru, the guru cursed him be a pig, and then he was in this planet as a pig. He had many wives, many piglets, and he was lying in his mud. The guru came to take him back, but he did not want to go. He was feeling separation from the piggy wives and piglets. Then the guru gave him the memory of who he was. He was thinking, ah! how I am in this horrible place? So that is material separation. And spiritual separation is where we are connected with the Lord, it is a spiritual heart to heart, spirit to spirit relationship. And naturally we feel a kind of separation to guru or vaisnavas, that is something transcendental, and they are not based on the body.

03-Oct-2020 Sri Mayapur Dham, India