Guru Maharaja: Follow the mood of the Siksastakam, especially the third verse. The third verse tells the mood we should be in – humble, tolerant, offering all respect to others and not expecting respect for ourselves. One devotee had cleaned Srila Prabhupada’s room and was waiting for Srila Prabhupada to shower her with praise. Srila Prabhupada looked around and looked everywhere. She got nervous, that her spiritual master was not praising her. Then he tried to open the window and the window was painted shut! So then he said, why is this not opening? So she broke down and started crying. So we learn that we should not expect appreciation from anyone, what to speak of from the guru. But rather we should always think, I could have done better. Because she was proud and Srila Prabhupada, her spiritual master found out a defect in her service. Last question. Thank you Madhuri Mamatamayi!
(Question by Madhuri Mamatamayi devi dasi)