Guru Maharaj: I don’t know what is your difficulty in writing to me? Is it a difficulty you have? Or there is a difficulty writing and getting a reply? So, sometimes I get more letters than I can reply. But I reply a certain percentage. And we try to answer in our Jayapataka Swami app. It has various features. And of course one of the features is that you can see the various social media sites I have. Every night I give class. And that is zoomed on Facebook Live. That is in Bengali, Hindi, English and other languages. I don’t know if anyone here knows Chinese but! Ha! So, I don’t feel, you can ask your local leader, local preacher, if he can answer. Otherwise, I have no problem, you can write to me. If you ask a silly question, it is alright. I don’t reject anyone and I try to answer. And if there is already an answer which I have given to a question before, then I can give that. I think in the app they have Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) You can see that and if your question is answered already! And you don’t need to write to me. If there is no answer then write!