Jayapataka Swami: This happened to Śacīmātā. She had offended Advaita Gosvāmī. So, Lord Caitanya brought her and she asked forgiveness from Advaita Gosvāmī. But Advaita Gosvāmī. started to glorify Śacīmāta. He said, “I cannot be offended by Śacīmāta, I am very insignificant. She is such a great devotee,” he was glorifying and glorifying her, and then He got so ecstatic thinking about her great Vaiṣṇavī qualities, that he fainted unconscious on the ground. Lord Caitanya said, “He is not going to forgive you, touch the dust from His lotus feet, put it on your head and by that you will be forgiven.” So that is the normal way. If you have heard this pastime of the deliverance of the Chand Kazi, and the kīrtana leading up to it, then you get forgiven for offences. So that is the secret glories of these pastimes, also in the Navadvīpa parikramā, there is a place called aparādha-vañjankuliyāpāṭ, where you get forgiven for your offences. So, most devotees who go on the Navadvīpa parikramā, when they go to this place, they forgive everyone for their offences, and they get forgiven. Haribol!