Jayapataka Swami: How, in this age chanting the name of God is recommended. How, we are all eternal servitors of Krsna. How, we are not the body but the spirit soul. How, the disease came from the animals and we slaughter a lot of animals every day like 36,000 cows are killed every hour!! How many chickens and other things, I don’t have their calculation. So all the pandemics we have had, like swine flu is from pigs in American farms. MERS from cows mistreated in the UK. Ebola is from bats and chimpanzees. Like that all the pandemics are from the animals. So people should eat Krsna prasadam. And they should not eat meat. So, these are various areas we can preach on. Depending on who you are talking to. If you are talking to a religious leader of some other religion, request him to join you chanting the holy names. Either in Sanskrit or in their language. And if you are talking to political leaders, encourage them to also tell the people to chant the name of God. If you are talking to individuals, then according to their mentality, preach to them. Hare Krsna!