Guru Maharaj: Generally, it says Tulasī flourishes means there is a lot of devotion, but if she doesn’t flourish then it may be due to other factors. Are you giving her enough water? In the soil are you giving her nutrition? Is the pot big enough? She gets enough sunlight? She doesn’t get too much sunlight! All these things – I don’t know what the situation, why,  I see even in some cold countries like Poland and Sweden, they have Tulasī. They don’t have as much sunlight as you do. So they use ultraviolet lights. They water Tulasī, they spray Tulasī and somehow the Tulasī is flourishing very nicely. So maybe you should have an expert in your yatra who is able to take care of Tulasī very well. That person can see that the proper environment is there for Tulasī. Also you can bow down to Tulasī, and offer her Tulasī, circumambulate Tulasī.