Guru Maharaj: Devotees should have such a quality that they would be appreciated. Bhakti Cāru Swami had such qualities. It’s not accidental. He touched the hearts of many people, and that is shown by different devotees’ realizations. We may not have known him, Śacīnandana Mahārāja he mentioned how Bhakti Cāru Swami would visit Germany, and how his public programs had so much effect on the people. These are all very interesting and are true occasions. We heard from different speakers, their realizations, exchanges they had with Bhakti Cāru Swami, and each one is unique and special. So, we are very grateful for them all sharing their realization. Your question that how can we appreciate our god brothers. First of all, he should have such qualities, then naturally they will be appreciated. But apart from that, the devotees, we can see they are very advanced, they would see all the good qualities of Bhakti Caru Swami. So, like that we should see the good qualities in others, naturally, we will appreciate others.
06-July-2020 Śrīdhām Māyāpur, India