Jayapataka Swami: Lord Caitanya would sometime come in the mood of different avatars. Sometimes He came in the mood of Nrsimhadeva, sometimes as Varaha, so sometimes He came in the mood of Balarama. Although Lord Nityananda is Balarama. But it is said in this pastime, that Lord Nityananda seeing that Lord Caitanya was in the mood of Lord Balarama, He could understand the Lord’s intention, His mood. And so He gave Him a pot of Ganges water and the Lord, took that as if it was madhu, the Varuni beverage and He imitated Lord Balarama’s pastime. That was His ecstatic mood. So Lord Nityananda was present, but He was assisting the Lord who was assuming that mood of Lord Balarama. Although Lord Nityananda is Balarama, He was there assisting Lord Caitanya in His pastimes.