Guru Maharaj: A devotee can stay very calm in an undisturbed situation. Kamsa was very calm and serene, driving the chariot of his sister on her wedding. Then this voice came from the sky, your sister’s eight son will kill you. Immediately he became disturbed, he grabbed his sister by the hair and wanted to kill her. So, we should not be like Kamsa. There will be some disturbing situations. These are tests. If we are like Kamsa, we will get disturbed. If we are devotees, we control ourselves, like Vasudeva. He tried to convince Kamsa, that it is not good to kill your sister on her wedding day. It is said, you should take decisions when you have a cool head. So that was a very disturbing situation, his wife is being killed! But he tried to pacify Kamsa. So like that we should try to control ourselves if we are agitated. Everything is calm, no trouble to be calm. The test is when things get disturbed. At that time if we can control our emotions and think very deeply, and do things that are most pleasing to Guru and Krishna. Haribol! And pass the test.