Jayapataka Swami: Interesting. Certainly we heard that due to the lockdown, husband and wife, they stay together and have some disagreements. We heard in China, after the lockdown in Wuhan, the divorce rate went up! The wife expected the husband would help with washing dishes or something! The husband wanted to sit on the sofa and watch TV! So they had an argument. We heard like that! We know that Srila Prabhupada said that grihastas are like children. One day they fight; next day they are friends! And I was seeing how nice was the cooperation to serve the deities. I think that in this situation, husband and wife have to be a bit flexible. And in this way, utilize the opportunity to preach, and to help others. Be very patient with the other partner. See how you can keep the relationship strong. I am a sannyasi, why are you asking me? I see all my sons and daughters in a different way, I like them all, I love them all!! I have no experience, ask the senior grihastas what to do!!