Jayapataka Swami: This is a transcendental pastime of the Lord. It shows that the deity is a person. Normally, we may think that the deity is wood, or some other material object, but by these pastimes, we understand that the deity is a person. Although this pastime happened with me, the pujari came and asked me to solve it.  The point was that Lord Jagannatha said that a sannyasi had left his Govardhana shila. As soon as they would ring the bell, Govardhana would immediately eat all the prasadam, because he is a mountain, and so They are going very hungry. So They wanted me as the president, as co-director to solve this problem. It was kind of an unusual responsibility for a temple president! So I thought what to do. I suggested that they offer a separate plate to Govardhana and Jagannatha.