Guru Maharaj: It is said that if you have one child who is a vaisnava, the mother is glorious, the family is delivered. If you have hundred children and none of them are devotees, then they are considered like piglets. But that doesn’t particularly reflect on the parents. He didn’t say the parents are pigs. He said, the children are like piglets. Anyway, it is a heavy statement, no doubt. So I was seeing in New Talavan, how the lady who was in charge of the little children, she had a plate of sandesh. She put it on the ground and said, everyone chant one round. But the children were looking at the plate. I think that we are a bit more tolerated. In the Garuda Purana it describes that children are attracted by sweets. So somehow they got the children to enthusiastically chant the one round, and then they gave out the sweets. So anyhow, I don’t know how the parents can help their children to be Krishna conscious. I have been a sannyasi since 21! Better to ask someone who is a grihasta, who has succeeded making their child a devotee. The real point here is that a mother who has a devotee is glorious. Just having kids is not a big deal. But actually, to enthuse them to be a devotee, telling them Krishna stories, by engaging them in different art work, I don’t know – there is a book called, Becoming a Devotee, for the kids. And Gaurangi devi dasi from the CDM, she has a team of devotees who are helping her in the children’s program. So there are some devotees who are concentrating on this aspect. You can contact the CDM and ask them about their children’s program. Hare Krishna!